• We provide full IT services for companies from the Upper Silesian Industrial Region and the Rybnik Coal Area.

• We design and set up computer networks based on thoroughly tested system solutions, which we set up on equipment produced by world class companies.

• We provide thorough consulting services in the field of choosing the appropriate software and hardware. During the implementation we will guide you all the way from choosing the best supplier to ongoing supervising of an already implemented system.

• We offer full services pertaining to creating an electronic copy of paper documents and maps, processing them digitally, automatic data recognition and archive creation.

• Thanks to the state-of-the art equipment we are capable of processing material in any given formats (even very varied ones). We can also unify it for the purpose of future printing.

• The digitalization process may take place in Baito headquarters or in a place designated by the client.

• If there will be no appropriate, pre-existing software to choose from, we can create a system that will include all of our client’s requirements, suggestions and needs, both current and future ones.

• We create programmer interfaces and specialized communication protocols that will serve the purpose of integrating the already existing computer systems with the new, implemented solutions. Thus ensure a flawless flow of information between various systems operating within one company.

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